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Brand development & website with custom interactive response form.

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Latitude Studios Co

Brand development & website with custom interactive response form.

Our company started from scratch-- we needed EVERYTHING from a marketing perspective... and Textile Creative was there to help get us going in the right direction! They nailed it when it came to matching our personalities with our brand and vision. For us, it was absolutely critical that our website, logo, and overall feel shone through for our potential clients. They truly helped to get us off to a solid start during what has been a "shaky" time for all! Thank you, Textile team. We have appreciated your time and attention to creative details!

Andy & Sarah Berg

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Andy Berg came to Textile in December of 2020 -- "The year that changed everything."

Referred to us by Jayne Ellegard at Ellegant Wealth, Andy let us know that he was on the hunt for a boutique agency that could help his startup get rolling with an identity, website, and whatever else might be required out of the gate.

Andy has tons of professional experience as a civil engineer in "makin' stuff", and was about to turn that into a bold new venture he was calling "Latitude Studios". We knew right away that we were a perfect fit -- we like to make stuff, too.

Latitude Studios really means freedom at any latitude. Freedom to work, and also live, in the way that fits your life. Andy is a Minnesota outdoorsman and a believer in the balance that nature brings to work and life. We needed brand and logo, colors, typography, website to feel like the outdoor freedom that is Andy's vision for his product.

Textile developed the logo, color system, textures and design elements that give Latitude Studios a bold and ownable look. The brand transfers beautifully to merchandise and wearables and creates a modern visual vibe that makes people want to join the club. Work from home? In beautiful and comfortable up-cycled structures that nestle right into any natural setting to feel like they've always been there? Yes please.

We built out collateral pieces, helped with social, SEO, and performance marketing....and we capped it all off with a beautiful website on Webflow CMS.

The growth of the Latitude Studios brand awareness is so rapid that Andy + Sarah (wife and partner) keep us on our toes building more content and functions into the website. We built out the brochure web pages first, then moved to a custom configurator & feedback form, and at the time of this writing are adding more pages for additional services and a logo merchandise store.

It's up, up and away for this brand. The interest is undeniable.

Check out this local newspaper story dedicated to Andy and Sarah and their unique vision.

What an honor to be part of it. Latitude Studios - "Room for Freedom."

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