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Brand development and website design for Ellegant Wealth

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Ellegant Wealth

Brand development and website design for Ellegant Wealth

Textile has been absolutely amazing to work with as I started building my business and wanted to establish my brand. The partnership with Lori and Sarah has been incredible. They nailed the image (feminine but strong) and the message (financial empowerment for women) with every marketing item they touched. I can’t imagine anyone else immersing themselves in my business and getting to know me the way they did. They always went the extra mile and exceeded my expectations – I would literally be breathless each time I received a new piece of collateral. I can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments I have received on everything from my business cards to the 150 page Wealth Vision Guide. Highly recommend the partnership!

Jayne Ellegard
Founder and Coach

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We began our agency-client collaboration with Ellegant Wealth with a brand discovery session that uncovered target audiences, growth goals, business model, and industry challenges and perceptions. Armed with our brand discovery information, we set to work creating this visionary start-up company’s logo, brand assets, and brand guide. Ellegant Wealth’s founder, Jayne Ellegard, knew her mission and vision and felt it in her soul. The visual brand identity needed to attract the ideal target audiences as well as reflect that vision and mission. Due to the unique nature of the financial coaching services offered by Ellegant Wealth and the cohort model Jayne created, it was important to weave in aspects of this founder’s dynamic personality as well. Through a creative concepting process, we presented logo options along with brand assets that would bring Ellegant Wealth to life with textures, illustration elements, typography, primary and secondary color families, and tagline use. With a mix between bold yet natural textures and elements, the perfect balance between smart, fun, professional, empowering, and approachable resulted in the final logo, branding, and tagline.

Next, we needed to take the visual brand identity, along with the tone, style and brand voice to the digital world with a website design and strategy that would make a big splash upon launch. With a focus on user experience, brand awareness, and educating visitors on service offerings; a sitemap, wireframes, and mood board, guided the initial foundation of the project. The Textile team worked with Jayne to set-up her CRM choice, workflows, and integration with her website to establish a demand generation and conversion pipeline that would support her business goals.

The Ellegant Wealth launch included the design and printing of the 100+ page cohort workbook which incorporated exercises and worksheets participants use in an experiential financial coaching environment. It's a beautifully branded piece that delivers Jayne's financial health success methodology as step-by-step coursework. The unique vision of Ellegant Wealth includes a financial coaching cohort model specifically designed to empower and inspire women on their financial journey. To fully understand the cohort experience and how individuals would interact and use the workbook, members of the Textile team joined the pilot cohort. This gave our team an insider view on how this model impacted participants in order to craft a laser sharp strategy for demand generation and purposeful content on the website.

We are thrilled to be a part of the launch of Ellegant Wealth and working with Jayne to bring her company and financial coaching vision to life. To learn more about Jayne and the Ellegant Wealth story, visit www.ellegantwealth.com.

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