A crew cut from the same cloth.

We're a multidisciplinary team of thinkers and doers, bringing a wealth of experience from a variety of industries to tackle challenges of all sorts.


Lori is a creator. As a photographer she has an eye for creating the perfect subject + lighting combination to capture a unique moment in time. As a designer, Lori has explored more styles than Lady Gaga at a halftime show, but she truly excels at creating her own. She is the rare Creative (capital "C") who is not afraid to play, experiment, investigate new routes, fail at a concept and then resurrect it brilliantly—all with the goal of finding a unique perspective to share with her audience. Her work spans the spectrum of graphic design, brand identity, print formats of any size, art direction, digital formats, layout and presentations, environmental design, retail design, rendering and mock up design, working with fixtures & environments, digital interactive design and photography editing, manipulation, enhancement & color correction. Someday, she will be the first designer to fashion a style guide out of moon dust. But it doesn't end there for Lori. For her, it isn't about design for the sake of doing something cool. She's the rare talent who has also honed a keen eye for strategy, and who knows how to make technology deliver on the beauty in a concept.

Plus, you can practically see the sparkle in Lori's eye just by talking to her. Give her a shout to hear it for yourself.


Spencer is a strategic power lifter. A sales and operational tactician. A leader in both technology and traditional marketing. He's the guy who will see a new app, lock himself in a room, dive into it, and a little while later come out grinning with a new tool at his fingertips. For the people around him, this is what makes Spencer a visionary. A couple of decades in the business creating experiences for a wide variety of brands has given him a well-defined 'why' muscle. The left half of his brain is totally ripped. In his view, nothing ensures brilliant creative better than load-bearing rationale constructed from questions, ideas, coupons, lint, analysis, bench marking, and whatever else may be available. His career directing design and customer experience strategy across digital, physical and print environments afford him heartfelt empathy to the perspective and language of the designer.

Although he is a dyed-in-the wool strategist, Spencer speaks design fluently — He'll even dork out about color swatches. Give him a shout to talk about it.


Alisha is an agency professional with over 12 years of photo and videography production experience in particular. She helps keep Textile running in every meaningful way in addition to being our front-facing client resource on program management and other things like, oh, just being a HubSpot Operations expert. She enjoys problem solving and helping clients succeed in their own unique defining way.

Alisha lives in Savage, MN with her husband and household of boys. She has three lovely young sons and an adoringly grumpy Yorkie/Min Pin dog named Mortie.

Alisha is an incredibly positive, get-things-done force on the team and is absolutely a terrific contact for all our clients who just want to learn about us, manage a heavy project load, understand HubSpot better, get creative feedback, all kinds of things. Connect with Alisha.


Lynn is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building successful  businesses from the ground up. She knows first-hand how far focus, tenacity, and a bit of intuition can take you. At her core she's a doer—she won't act without thinking, but she won't think without acting either. You can find her jetting around the country making great things happen everywhere, but she's a true Texan at heart. She believes great ideas without the energy to bring them to life are missed opportunities—and she doesn't like missing opportunities. She wants businesses to thrive in the modern world, and she founded Textile to help make that happen.

On top of all that, Lynn has a world-class bracelet collection. Ask her about it.

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