April 1, 2022

Wondering how flexible marketing automation software is these days? How does this strike you?

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Thomas M. Siebel speaks extensively in his book, Digital Transformation, Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction, about the four pillars of the new digital world; Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IOT. For us, this is a pillar of our business. We don't view ourselves as an agency that can be successful by delivering only insightful strategy and beautiful design. Our opinion is that we must do our best to help the companies we work with to digitally transform. They must be able to take a shiny new strategy, logo, website, performance marketing plan, and manage it. Easily. In a modern way.

Sometimes that mission is easily understood through the operational improvements that our consulting, onboarding and implementation of modern workflows and tools provide. Often, though, we find that the topic of digital transformation is scary enough and abstract enough that something more tangible and (frankly) fun is required in order to help our clients see the landscape and get excited about the possibility.

There's a mystery that accompanies the world of IOT for a lot of people. They say, "I just never realized how one can do something on the big cloud of the internet....and jump the gap into the real world, making something physically happen". This 'aha' moment where clicks become action really gets people thinking about how they really could stretch the capabilities of their marketing automation platform in ways they never dreamed of.

Enter, the 'B'Ring It' bell.

The B'ring It Bell
Here's the final product. Click the image to see how it came together in pictures.

The B'ring It bell brings the digital world into physical existence in an engaging way that celebrates the collective accomplishments of technology, sales, and marketing teams. The B'ring It bell you see pictured here rings each time a deal is marked "closed won" in this client's CRM for example, or if some direct-response action is taken on a web page like this one.

How does it work? Let's just say these platforms all have a hand in it - HubSpot, Make, Slack, Adafruit and Asana. It's a marketing maker's dream.

Silly? Unquestionably. Powerfully demonstrative? Yep. When our clients see the B'ring It Bell, first of all, they want one for their own teams. Second, the bell goes off in their head, "Hey, we need to do more with our technology." Bingo.

So here we are at Textile. We're a HubSpot Partner Agency, and we've got something pretty fun to share. We know how to make marketing automation platforms work for our clients. We can adapt, customize, optimize tools to suit our clients business. This experiment proved, even to us, that there's lots more we can do to help companies run efficiently - using the tools they probably already have.

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