Shoshin Ryu

Branding & Digital Marketing Design for Shoshin Ryu, a nationwide martial arts school.

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Shoshin Ryu

Branding & Digital Marketing Design for Shoshin Ryu, a nationwide martial arts school.

Working with Textile was great! They helped us create a consistent look and feel for all of our locations across the USA. The team was collaborative, engaging and professional, and I’d highly recommend Textile to anyone looking to elevate their brand!

Dan Cassidy
Marketing Chair, ShoShin Ryu

Brand Refresh & Brand Package
Brand Guidelines
Flyer Template Design
Social Media Profile Asset Design
Email Asset Design

Shoshin Ryu is a Japanese based system of martial arts. It is both bujutsu (a school emphasizing effective martial arts techniques ) and budo (a school emphasizing personal character development). Our client, Shoshin Ryu, is a cooperative school with thirteen dojo locations across North America. When this school’s board of directors started discussing how to bring consistency back to the branding while enhancing and increasing digital marketing efforts to support each dojo, that’s where Textile Creative Studios entered the picture. Understanding the complexities of a branding process for a national brand that has to have the adaptive power & flexibility to provide each unique dojo location a support system, all while leveraging the current Shoshin Ryu visual brand equity is one of our areas of expertise.

After discussing the project in-depth during our initial sessions with their marketing leader, Dan Cassidy, we launched into a build out of a refreshed brand package utilizing the existing logo identity, yet bringing it to the next level with secondary color palette, typography, photo styling, and graphic styling. One of the key components to the success of this project for Shoshin Ryu was to give the brand legs for scalable growth that could be applied, utilized, and reproduced at each dojo location while maintaining brand standards, and consistency. Consistency in branding for a national presence like Shoshin Ryu brings not only awarenesses, but also trust and loyalty among customers, and greater potential for overall growth. It also exposes your audience to your brand identity, values, and strategy over time - solidifying brand recognition and ambassadorship. Particularly within the realm such as martial arts and the teaching of these techniques.

Once the updated brand identity and brand guide were approved by the board, we started the process of developing flyer templates, email, and social media assets that each dojo location could implement, while maintaining the brand standards. Through strategic efforts at one of their flagship locations, Shoshin Ryu had a proven case study for increased and consistent digital marketing efforts that would lead them to achieve their goals for growth. With these new brand and template tools in hand, they are working diligently on implementation and roll-out throughout North America.

Entering into the process of creating a brand style guide can be daunting to say the least. But Shoshin Ryu entered this process with enthusiasm, as they knew it is a key element in achieving their goals, and communicating their values and mission to their audiences.

Project Results

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ShoShin Ryu Brand Guide
ShoShin Ryu Flier Designs per dojo
ShoShin Ryu Brand Guide Pages
ShoShin Ryu Social Media profile graphics
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