Paula Carlson, owner of Momentum, a high net worth financial services business, needed a new brand identity that matched her exceptional clients and capabilities.

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Paula Carlson, owner of Momentum, a high net worth financial services business, needed a new brand identity that matched her exceptional clients and capabilities.

The first time I met Textile I immediately felt comfortable and knew that my brand was in their very capable hands. Each brand and logo concept presented was top level work, but the last option captured the value of my firm and what we offer. I am now confident sharing my business card and sending traffic to my website. Additionally, Textile truly partnered with me and helped me setup a CRM, Eventbrite and more, which integrates with my website seamlessly, and has greatly simplified my life. I can’t thank the Textile team enough! If you are considering a rebranding, don’t call anyone but Textile. They will deliver more than what you can imagine.

Paula Carlson
Founder of Momentum & Partner to Wealth Advisors

Momentum works with exceptional people and firms in the financial services industry who want to increase high net worth client introductions, acquisition and growth. Paula's objectives working with Textile were to put in place foundational elements for her business acceleration:

Logo & Brand Design Update

Tagline Development

CRM Consulting & Set-up

Website Design & Development

Social Media Management

Business Card & Collateral Design

Brand Guide

Event Marketing

Email Template Design

Paula, owner of Momentum, was looking to refresh her brand so that it helped her stand out from the crowd, while also aligning with her new strategic vision for business growth at Momentum. Her current branding had become outdated, and she found herself avoiding sending current and potential clients to her website. Not only did this make nurturing current and potential clients difficult, it also did not honor a core value of Momentum, which is “Relentless ROI”. Through the brand discovery process, we worked with Paula while she defined her new vision for her company and redefined the services she provides to high net worth clients and wealth advisors.

After the initial discovery and research phase was complete, we got to work on the first series of initial visual branding, logo, and tagline concepts. Maintaining a nod to the original logo with the round shapes mimicking motion was extremely important to the Momentum identity. We based the new concepts on a round shape while exploring ways to bring in the idea of forward momentum and movement - which is exactly what Paula works with her clients to provide in their own businesses. This is where the circle wave design was born, creating a centralized composition in the new logo. The bold color palette was deliberately chosen to stand out in what can be a traditionally corporate market sector, as well hold a memorable and modern appeal. Font families were selected for the name lettering so that it looked readable and harmonic in combination with the image, supporting it but not overloading general visual presentation.

Now that Momentum had a visual brand identity that matched the dynamic personality of the owner, as well as the mission and vision, we then set our sights on figuring out how best to create a website design and user journey that told the story of Momentum, and what it has to offer. Carrying through with the forward momentum theme, the website homepage features a wave movement that is visually stunning and draws visitors into the site to learn more. Through our collaborative partnership, we then moved into CRM consulting and set-up, as well as social media and event promotion and design. At Textile, we pivot with clients as they grow, offering different programs and integrated scalable solutions. It’s all about looking to the future for our clients.

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Momentum brand colors and style.
Momentum business cards
Momentum website design
Momentum business cards
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